The Robbed of Beauty Project



The Robbed of Beauty Project is simple. Original Paintings of women are hung on public walls in various cities for people to take. When they look at the back of the painting they essentially stole – a message is inscribed on the back that leads them to the website, and to get involved in the fight against human trafficking.

All of the paintings are originals. They’re pieces of myself that I put out into the world and when they’re stolen, my first emotion is fear, followed by a sense of loss. I’ve been robbed of beauty. This is just a metaphor for the suffering endured when someone is trafficked, but because the person who takes the painting is in a sense rewarded at the expense of someone else, the message is intended to strike a sense of guilt. We go on with our lives every day and ignore the abuse that thousands of women are enduring in our cities. We need to do something about it.