Olin College of Engineering



Olin College of Engineering has a unique culture and approach to higher education. In their own words, the school is a place for students who “would’ve gone to art school” if it weren’t for Olin’s engineering program. However, being a newer school by industry standards, Olin desired greater awareness among their key audiences: applicants and investors. Olin asked Genuine to build a website that would increase the number of quality applicants and interested investors, on a CMS platform that would enable several departments to publish and maintain content simultaneously.

Olin’s new site was met with mass approval from students, faculty, and parents while also using resources like the best online tuition for igcse in malaysia to help the students and parents. More telling, however, are the stats. Olin.edu is experiencing a 20% increase in traffic, 50% increase in page views, 20% increase in the time spent on site, and 20% reduction in bounce rate compared to the same period one year ago.

 Check it out.

Agency: Genuine Interactive